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Thursday, July 24, 2008

New name for Obama... Hollywood Hussein Obama

I will be referring to him simply as Hollywood Hussein. Hollywood declares himself president I guess some folks are blind enough to go with flow.


Ruinous Right said...


How about discussing the issues?!

AlabamaBlogger said...

we do...
I hope you enjoyed your visit and I encourage you to vote for Hollywood Hussein. I am sure you are a secular relativist. Very common on the interent.
If relativist are angry I am doing something right!!

Ruinous Right said...

I will vote for Obama and hopefully he can repair the damage done by Bush, Cheney, the GOP and other right-wing nuts.

I'm not angry, just amazed by the pathetic attempts from the right. They don't seem able to debate issues so they simply resort to name calling, lies and fear mongering.

AlabamaBlogger said...

I am no fan of W or Cheney. Your lame candidate has no experience is a arrogant and is very similar to W. His threats to impose socialism and invade Pakistan show he is out of touch with American and reality.
Invading Pakistan is far worse than anything Bush has done in Iraq. Obama cares nothing about slowing the or ending the national debt and it is killing the value of our dollar.
Bush cut taxes and even though those tax cuts raised government intake he did not fund the war in Iraq. This is similar Obama's bizarre economic plans of cutting taxes on the middle class and raising taxes on businesses.
We are in a world economy now and if we make America the enemy of business there will be no more jobs and their level of taxation will not matter.
Obama is a fraud and I think people are going to be sick of him by November.
Smear campaign my !#$@$@#%$@# the left is worse about smearing. However yo boy John Edwards is BUSTED!!

Ruinous Right said...

Simply ridiculous...

"arrogant and similar to W"
Care to explain that a bit further?

"impose socialism.."
You need to review the definition of socialism:

"..invade Pakistan.."
Now that's stretching the truth quite a bit, but typical of right-wing propoganda.

"Obama cares nothing about.. the national debt.."
The Republicans created the huge national debt that the Democrats helped to eliminate. It's unlikely Obama will govern like a Republican.

"..bizarre economic plan..
You mean the one most economists think is a good idea?

"..yo boy John Edwards is BUSTED!!"
He's not 'my boy' and I don't believe he has broken any laws.

Word of advice...
Try debating the issues with facts to back up your views instead of name calling and ranting like an adolescent. Some people might take your more seriously.

AlabamaBlogger said...

you want Obama to win because you are angered at Bush... Blah blah blah... I am not a Republican I am a conservative and I do not speak for Republicans. I do not care who ran up the national debt I just know it was not conservatives. Because guess what fiscal responsibility is part of the deal...
anyway we are not going to agree, but feel free to post as long as it is not vulgar I will continue to publish it...
Have a nice weekend I am!!