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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tom Cole visit highlights important role Alabama will play in this years congressional elections..

The Democrats are virtually a lock to keep control of both houses this fall, but Alabama represents an area where Republicans can gain a seat as well as maintain two other seats that will be hotly contested. It is important that Alabama rise up and say no to moral relativism of Nancy "abortion on demand" Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat leadership.
Nancy represents the progressive, liberal, relativist wing of the Democrat party and it is vitally important that we as Alabamians lead and not follow. We do not want to follow down the San Fransisco path of relativism and gun control. Nancy Pelosi will not even allow moderate Democrats to vote on a Energy bill that would include drilling for more oil. We as Alabamians realize oil will not go on forever, but we also realize that we need immediate solutions.
While Pelosi spends most of her time playing gotcha with President Bush Americans suffer at the pump. Pelosi has seen gas prices rise 2 dollars since she took the gavel as speaker of the House and she has not done anything. She has supported Gay Marriage in California that even the most liberal state in the Union rejected.
Alabamians must say yes to a new Republican party that practices what it preaches and gets back to its basics. A strong family values, gun rights, and fiscal restraint. This fall I encourage voters across our great state to vote for the Republican in your congressional district. Strong family men who will not have to answer to liberal, progressive, relativist bloggers, but will answer to you and your families concerns.
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