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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The McCain camp could not be in better shape...

The Obama/Democrat message has been spent mostly on trying to convince us that these partisan hacks are just like us normal Americans. They are trying to convince us that Obama is just like us... trying to convince us that the Democrats are united and trying to convince us that Obama is ready to lead. This cannot be could for Obama...
lets make a list of major questions the Democrats themes would have us believe they are trying to answer.
1. Where the heck did Obama really come from/ explain that they are just like us...
2. Are the Democrats united?
3. is Obama ready to lead?
To me the fact that they have spent so much time trying to paint McCain as a third term of Bush they deserve to have to explain these basic questions. But it really does reflect poorly on Hollywood Hussein that he is having to have convention just to explain who he is...
Every speaker tells how they rose from nothing to become a wealthy public servant, but none of them believe Americans are capable of rising to the the top without the government doing it for them.
The generally negative tone of the convention is going to drive up Obama's negatives I would imagine.

Now the good part we looked at what questions the Democrats have tried to answer now lets look at what questions McCain can answer
1. Who is John McCain... which in short is a war hero who has put ideology aside in order to be the best public servant possible.
2. why is he unlike Bush.... GLOBAL WARMING, Campaign reform, advocating the surge, and more pragmatic amongst other things...
3. Why is Obama not ready to lead...
4. Why McCain is the best candidate for our taxes and safety!!!

This should be good and if I were a betting man I would say he picks Romney and Romney is an effective attack dog!!

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