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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tim Pawlenty does well in meeting with press..

Tim Pawlenty has a great message.. The republican party needs to find its blue collar soul. The party needs to find more good ideas like school vouchers and private social security accounts. They must find these ideas and then fight for them.
I like Pawlenty as a safe choice for VP. I still firmly believe that the two candidates most likely to bring votes and electoral votes are Palin and Romney. But if Pawlenty did make Minnesota competitive then he would be worth his weight in gold. Then McCain could focus on making sure he wins Virginia and Ohio.
This brings to mind something I have been meaning to blog about...
McCain is in a great place when it comes to the electoral college. The only real edge Obama has is that he has made some state that will most likely vote Republican either toss ups or leaning Republican. When the election gears up and the candidates define themselves and each other more and more it is likely those states will fall to McCain and this election will be decided in Ohio.
If Obama wins... Indiana, North Carolina, Montanna, Alaska, South Carolina, or Georgia McCain is in for a long night.
However lets say Obama picks Tim Kaine and he delivers Virginia for Obama... If McCain picks Pawlenty and he delivers Wisconsin or Minnesota for McCain well then we have a wash.
I know I am rambling, but here is my point.
John McCain must win ... Ohio and Virginia(or Minnesota because of Pawlenty) and once he wins Ohio and Virginia it will come down to whether or not McCain can win EITHER Colorado or Michigan.

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