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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some folks like Roland Martin just do not get it...

Could it be?
Some folks may not be voting for Obama because he is black (that is awful). Some folks may not be voting for McCain because he is old(that is awful). But could it be, Roland Martin, that some folks in unions are voting for McCain because they do not want their jobs taxed overseas? Could it be some folks are not voting for Obama because they believe he is inexperienced? Could it be they are voting for John McCain because they are turned off by moveon, the dailykos, and Huffpo? Could it be they are not for Obama because he wants to surrender in Iraq no matter what the situation on the ground is? Could it be that women are voting for McCain because Sarah Palin inspires them? Maybe they believe it is not the governments job to fix any and every problem? Maybe they do not want to elect Biden and Obama because of their barbaric views on abortion? Could it have something to do with the fact that they want to rest assured their gun rights will be protected? Could it be John McCain is an inspiring leader who went through hell to stand up for his countries honor? Could it be?
or possibly this country is just not as progressive as whiny brat progressives like Roland... and Martin should just write offensive articles declaring anyone who does not vote for Obama a racist.

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